On Site Nitrogen Gas Generation and Beer Gas Blending

Nitrogen Gas Generators can be an excellent investment for restaurants and bars serving an average of 8 kegs per week – providing significant cost savings on draft beer systems and providing a superior quality beer at the same time! Federal Beverage Control of Colorado specializes in providing and servicing of nitrogen gas generators.

Most of our nitrogen generators are rented with scheduled maintenance included and on call service provided by us, with backup features allowing you to manage your business.

Federal Beverage Control of Colorado offers a less expensive, more efficient and reliable alternative to high pressure nitrogen gas cylinders.

ON-SITE NITROGEN/MIXED GAS SYSTEM… an excellent way to enhance the quality of your beer and increase the profitability in your bar operation

The brewery takes great care to brew, store and distribute kegs of draught beer to your establishment…The AC Nitrogenator was designed to dispense brewery fresh draught beer at all times!

Save Money & Gain The Following Benefits:

  • Correct pouring problems due to flat or over-carbonated beer.
  • Extend keg life by maintaining proper gas level balance.
  • Enable custom gas blends for each dispensed product.
  • Eliminate running out of high-pressure cylinders.
  • Maintain draft beer system pressure at all times
  • Provide high purity Nitrogen of 99.7% or greater regardless of demand.

The AC Nitrogenator is the first on-site gas system developed by a beverage service company. Federal Beverage provides service to hundreds of customers and understands the individual needs of each client. Realizing these needs, the AC Nitrogenator is engineered as a component system, allowing customers to purchase only the equipment required and then build upon the system as demands change. The AC Nitrogenator systems are comprised of the generator cabinet with a separation membrane fed by a beverage service air compressor. Pure Nitrogen is stored in a 28-gallon tank that feeds a Gas Blender. Blended gas is then piped to the draught beer system.

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