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Beer System Design Consultation

Federal Beverage Control of Colorado assists in the design and installation of draft beer systems in restaurants and bars in Colorado. We have extensive experience in the design of draft beer systems and can recommend and provide you with the best equipment for your situation and needs.

We have installed draft beer systems from 1-60 faucets.

We started our service oriented business in 1986. Our lead technicians are school trained with years of experience. We work with all the major beer equipment supply houses.

Our customers vary by size small to large including many chains. References with contact persons are available upon request. We attempt to provide a reference to match the type of work you desire.

Glycol unit inspection, maintenance and repair. Pump and motor replacement

Federal Beverage Control of Colorado provides glycol unit inspection, maintenance and repair. Pump and motor replacement.

The operation of a remote draft beer system requires a glycol system running in its proper temperature range. Anything mechanical requires periodic maintenance. Glycol liquid will break down its freeze point over time and must be replaced or it will freeze the beer in your supply line or freeze your glycol both potentially damaging your pump and/or motor assembly. Your pump and motor work 24/7 and will break over time. The refrigeration coils must be kept clean allowing good air flow to operate properly.

We recommend an annual inspection and cleaning of your glycol unit.

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