Can you design a draft beer system for a restaurant? Yes! Federal Beverage Control of Colorado assists in the design and installation of draft beer systems in restaurants and bars in Colorado. We have extensive experience in the design of draft beer systems and can recommend and provide you with the best equipment for your location.
Our bar has some beer equipment that is starting to act up - can you fix that for us? Yes! Federal Beverage Control of Colorado can visit your facility and diagnose virtually any draft beer system and fix your problem. We may also be able to make recommendations about how you can maximize your draft beer system's performance.
What are the most common problem with a draft beer system? The number one problem with a draft beer system is maintaining the proper temperature of the cooler or proper operation of your glycol unit. A great clue for temperature problems is that all or most beers are foamy. The second most common problem is the pressure setting of your regulators or possibility that you are out of gas.
What are the benefits of nitrogen gas generation systems? For operations that serve more than 30 kegs a month a nitrogen gas system can save you money and provide a superior quality beer. Federal Beverage Control of Colorado specializes in nitrogen gas generators and equipment for bars and restaurants in Denver and Colorado. Most of our nitrogen generators are rented with scheduled maintenance included and on call service provided by us, with backup features allowing you to manage your business.
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