Draft Beer Installations – Remodels and Repair

Because we’ve been designing, installing and servicing draft beer systems since 1986 Federal Beverage Control of Colorado can service, remodel, repair and even replace almost any draft beer system for any size facility in Colorado. Whether you’re a small bar or restaurant just starting out or a large chain – we can get the job done when it comes to your draft beer system! We have unique and special expertise designing, installing and servicing draft beer systems at Colorado’s high altitude so we can design and/or diagnose your draft beer system to help you meet your needs and your budget.

We consult with you about our diagnosis and provide an accurate estimate on your repairs. We can make additional recommendations and consult with you on how to improve your draft beer system for your facility including the recommendations on your system’s flow rate and balancing.

We offer after hours service in the event that your draft beer system breaks down during late and/or critical hours of operations.

We also sell new, repair and factory warranty service for Glass Pro and Bar Maid glass washers.

Additionally, we install and maintain a Swingmark chemical dispenser for the three well bar sink.

Draught beer requires three key items for the perfect pour:

1- Proper Temperature
2- Proper Pressure
3- Proper Blend of Mixed Gases
(N2 Nitrogen & CO2)


Your keg cooler should be in the operating range of 36F optimum to 38F maximum. This is the temperature of your liquid. Best to test by placing a glass of water inside the cooler overnight and read your temperature first thing in the morning before opening and closing of the door.

The above applies towards a keg box also.

Should you have a remote beer system and the use of a glycol power pack then its very important to inspect the unit periodically. Recommend at least an annual inspection by someone with glycol unit knowledge.

We provide a written report of the status found including the temperature and freeze point. Our service also includes the cleaning of the coils and filter.

We also can replace the glycol liquid, pump or motor if needed.

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